We are breeders of Tibetan mastiffs - Pavel and Anna. We are glad to welcome you on the site of our kennel "GORDOST KHOZYAINA". The dog is our common dream since childhood, and before we realized our dream, we carefully approached the choice. They studied a lot of literature about different breeds of dogs, visited Russian and foreign nurseries, and chose chic dogs - TIBETAN MASTIF! Their power, strength, endurance, tolerance amazes. Excellent guards, loyal friends, affectionate pets - it's all about our favorite Tibetan mastif. Careful attitude to dogs, constant physical development, active socialization, participation in regional and national exhibitions, training.

Our dogs are one of the best representatives of the breed TIBETAN MASTIF, our PRIDE!

More information about our pets, achievements, as well as the rules for selecting and purchasing a puppy, you will find in the relevant sections of our website.